Violet Grey Of Melrose



One of the first places I went shopping in Los Angeles last week was the boutique Violet Grey. The Melrose Place mecca for carefully curated beauty products did not disappoint. I saw a lot of things I already use which was gratifying like the Chanel Sublimage line which I swear is the key to surviving long plane travel. I also learned about new lines and products that I can’t wait to try. They don’t carry as many of the gift sets in the store as they do online but lucky for me they did have the Crimson Red Set in stock. They also had the new Diana Vreeland Perfumes on hand which all smelled amazing. I almost went back for one of them but decided to just get on the road to Santa Barbara instead.  I asked if they were thinking of opening in other locations and it is their intention to expand but nothing is confirmed as of yet.  Until then, I guess I will have to be content to shop online and visit Los Angeles more often.













Photos by Nicole LaMotte for One Kings Lane except for moodboard photo by Michael Friberg for WSJ.Magazine.


J. Crew Spring x Summer Cool 2016


The sun is shining and the snow is melting. Perfect time for J.Crew to launch their new line of sunglasses. There are six different frame styles for women and three for men ranging in price from $98 to $128. A perfect little present to buy yourself to get through the end of winter.




















The Fendi Palazzo


Perhaps I would have enjoyed Rome more last autumn if I had been able to stay at the ridiculously chic Fendi Private Suites Hotel featured in the new WSJ magazine out next weekend. The luxury fashion house moved its corporate headquarters and reconfigured the 17th-century Palazzo Fendi with three separate architecture firms to create the boutique hotel, their largest store, an art gallery space, an apartment, and a restaurant. The seven room hotel was conceived by architect Marco Costanzi who of course used Fendi Casa furniture in the spaces. The gorgeous jewel tones in the apartment were conceived by Dimore Studio who wanted to mix old and new to create a conversation piece.

“The hotel embodies the spirit of Rome, which is very central to my family and the Fendi brand. For me it is all about that unique tension between past and future, old and new, history and innovation,” says Silvia Venturini Fendi. “The house codes carry through to each of our endeavors, interpreted different ways. You will find various elements in the hotel that recall certain themes often found on our runway—geometry, dualism, manipulation of materials, color blocking and, of course, fur.”

I might need to plan another trip to Italy asap.

The Quintessential Timeless Cartier Tank Watch



I’ve accompanied one of my friends to the Cartier boutique three times to try on their timeless Tank Watch.  While I was there I couldn’t help but try one on myself which now means I want one too.

The Cartier Tank watch was not the first wrist watch designed by the French jewelry house but it has a very interesting back story. It was created in 1917 by Louis Cartier with an eye to modernism and inspiration from the tracks of the tanks used in World War I. Although it’s been said the latter was just a marketing ploy, further aided by gifting one of the Tank watch prototypes to the U.S. General John Pershing in 1919.

It was in production for years but it seems like it wasn’t until the 1960’s that the style really started to become popular. But since its inception, it’s been worn by some of the word’s most elegant movie stars and style icons. If you want an in depth look  at the watch, I highly recommend reading Cartier: The Tank Watch: Timeless Style.

The most classic and popular style, is the Tank Louis Cartier in gold with the black alligator strap. It’s the one that John F. Kennedy gave to Jacqueline Kennedy in 1963 with the inscription, “To Jackie. Love Jack.” She was photographed wearing it many times in her life and it’s the one that’s on my wish list.


The Tank watches styles available today are shown above. Many vintage Cartier watches are also available for sale online but make sure you purchase one from a reputable dealer like Vestiaire and Real Real or resale site to insure its authenticity.


It’s rumored that JFK Jr. gave Jackie’s Cartier watch to his wife Carolyn Bessett Kennedy.


John F. Kennedy in the White House wearing what might be an Omega but Jackie gave him a Cartier watch for their fourth anniversary in 1957.


Clark Gable looking dapper as always in his Tank watch.


Cary Grant wore one in the classic film North by Northwest. This should be required watching for any young man on how to dress like a gentleman.


Gary Cooper was another well dressed man in Cartier.


Duke Ellington’s watch perfectly complemented his impeccable tailoring.


You can’t see the face but Truman Capote also wore a Tank watch.

Who knew Fred Astaire also wore a Tank watch?!

Catherine Deneuve in a Tank with a bracelet strap.

The iconic Yves Saint Laurent also wore the iconic watch.

Audrey Hepburn even wore a Tank in How to Steal a Million.

Mohammed Ali wearing his Tank watch and not much else.


“I don’t wear a Tank to tell time. In fact, I never wind it,” Andy Warhol, a Tank collector, once said. “I wear it because it’s the watch to wear.”

So many films feature the Tank and Steve McQueen wore the Americaine style in The Thomas Crown Affair.

Sarah Jessica Parker also wore an Americaine Tank in Did You Hear About the Morgans?

Of course the elegant Tom Ford wears a Tank.

Angelina Jolie and Princess Diana also wore the Tank.


Rebecca Hall wore the Tank in Closed Circuit which was a very intriguing film.

Everyone was a fan of Cartier including Grace and Rainier of Monaco who were seen window shopping at the boutique on rue de La Paix in Paris.

The Everyday Things That All Stylish Women Do



Here’s a fact: Anyone with a credit card can stroll into Barneys and emerge looking like Fashion with a capital F. But here’s another one: Very few people—credit cards or not—can be considered women of genuine style.

Yes, draping yourself in the coolest labels and piling on “It” items might give you a boost of instant sartorial gratification, but in six months those pieces will be obsolete, you’ll be out a month’s rent, and you’ll feel compelled to keep up with the cycle of buying the next round of coveted pieces. Exhausting! Still, so many women seem to be falling victim to that exact cycle.

Blame it on today’s street style-obsessed world, but all we have to do today is take a quick peek at Pinterest, give Instagram a quick scroll, or visit any one of the gazillion personal style blogs that exist, and we’ll be inundated with up-to-the-minute images of Céline, Proenza Schouler, Givenchy, Chanel, and other top-level labels, which can often create a bit of FOMO. And that, in turn, can result in scores of young women looking, well, exactly like everyone else and going broke in the process.

Then, however, there are those images you’ll see on blogs or street style sites of women who look so amazingly chic, cool, or interesting who aren’t covered in head-to-toe labels, but rather know how to take nondescript pieces and style them in such a way that their whole look is completely enviable and covetable.

These, friends, are the truly stylish women from whom we should aim to take our fashion inspiration. To that end, we’ve compiled the 7 habits of highly stylish people to get you started.


1. They don’t surf street style blogs and copy exactly what they see, label for label.

In this day and age, street style photos are a bona fide source of fashion inspiration. In fact, we spend a pretty hefty portion of our day stalking Pinterest and culling various galleries to offer our readers (and ourselves) great ideas when it comes to seasonal outfits.

However, just because you saw Taylor Tomasi Hill, Miroslava Duma, or Anya Zirhouva draped in Kenzo, Chanel, or Céline—or because you’ll be in New York during Fashion Week and want to get snapped by Phil Oh—isn’t a great reason to go out and splurge on the same stuff.


Don’t forget: Several big street-fashion players, editors, and bloggers get sent designer stuff for free to entice folks like us to go out and buy it. Others are, well, richer than us and it’s their day job to flit around the world in the latest designer clothes, which is fun to admire but not necessarily healthy to emulate.

That’s why truly stylish girls will see a look they’re drawn to and seek out lesser-priced pieces that have the same vibe. Plenty of affordable stores and sites offer items that feature similar aspects to designer pieces.


2. They aren’t afraid of any store—and can find something almost anywhere.

Legitimately stylish women will troll any—and we mean any—store with zero snob factor, yet they manage to stay true to their aesthetic.

For example, she won’t be afraid to pop into a cheesy-seeming teen store at the mall, but that doesn’t mean she’ll leave with the same things her 12-year-old cousin would. Same goes for fast-fashion haunts like Forever 21, dusty old thrift stores, and off-price havens like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Century 21, which are consistently packed with great stuff at non-sucker prices.


3. They know how to style themselves according to their own taste.

Isn’t it always the case that the most stylish girls will say “This blouse? It’s from Goodwill, like, 100 years ago” and actually mean it?

Yeah, the blouse itself is probably pretty cool, but it’s really the way she styled it—maybe she tucked into great-fitting jeans, unbuttoned one extra button, rolled up the sleeves, and added a killer pair of statement earrings—that made everyone comment on it.


4. They always look a littles less “done” than everyone else.

Highly stylish people are often in the habit of always appearing a teeny tiny bit too cool for every scenario they’re in.

This might mean wearing a pair of slip-on sneakers when every other girl is teetering on sky-high heels, wearing a chic skinny pantsuit when every other woman is rocking glittery party dresses, or chopping her hair into a messy bob when everyone else has long beachy waves. Small things that always make them look a little less “done.”


5. They understand labels don’t make them cooler.

It sounds cliché, but the most stylish women—and men, for that matter—in the world are ones who have confidence, and who know they don’t need the $700 sweatshirt or $2,000 handbag to make themselves appear cool.

These folks can step out in a faded gray tee and jeans and still look like the coolest person in the room all because they have confidence (okay fine, and probably a killer haircut, too.)


6. They aren’t slaves to fashion.

Some of the most stylish people are able to have fun with fashion and follow trends without looking like a slave. If you don’t like a trend—even if every blogger under the sun is wearing it—don’t buy into it. It’s that simple.


 7. They don’t dress to be considered stylish.

Before blogs, before street style, and before Fashion Week became a three-ring circus that only matters for those who have the most attention-grabbing clothing, young women dressed for themselves, their lifestyle, and what looked good on them.

Believe us: It doesn’t matter if those heels are Alexander Wang—if you can’t walk in them, you won’t be considered stylish. Throw on a pair of comfortable ankle boots with that mini dress, you’ll look much cooler.
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