Meghan Markle: Lessons On Sophisticated x Polished Style

THIS WEEK actress Meghan Markle (best known for her role as Rachel Zane in US courtroom drama Suits) made headlines amidst rumours that she has stolen the heart of Britain’s most eligible bachelor, our very own Prince Harry. Whether or not the rumours are true, one thing that is undeniable is her sharp sense of style, brought to the world’s attention as she has graced the pages of newspapers this week. Here are four fashion pointers to take from the American actress.

 Never underestimate the power of a simple red dress

For an appearance on the Today Show, Markle opted for a Fifties-silhouetted crimson number that clearly adhered to her sartorial rules of making impact without being too fussy. “Wear what makes you comfortable, and isn’t going to make you cringe in three years when you see the photo,” she told when questioned about her go-to on-duty look. “I’m not very trend driven. I’ll pepper it in here and there, but invest in classic pieces and you’ll never regret it.”

Tailored coords can pack a punch

Citing French Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt as her style inspiration, Markle can often be spotted in tailored separates, one of her trusted outfit formulas. She recommends sticking to styles that you know suit your body: “Now what I’m starting to learn is, even though things look amazing on the hanger, it doesn’t mean they’re going to look amazing on me,” she explained to Glamour. “For example, I love Victoria Beckham dresses, but I don’t have the long torso to support that silhouette.”

Classic pieces go a long way

Markle likes to keep her look simple. “The way I dress is really monochromatic or tonal,” the actress explained. “And I like really classic pieces. I also love that French way of styling, where if your outfit is pulled together, then something’s got to be dishevelled – your hair, your make-up.”

When it comes to occasion dressing, invest in quality pieces that will speak for themselves

“I love the opportunity to get properly dressed up,” the actress confessed. “I’ve worn three Lanvin dresses and they’ve all been a dream. They’re so well made, with the most beautiful craftsmanship. I don’t tend to go with things that are ornate – just beautifully made pieces and some classic jewellery. Let the work speak for itself.”

Courtesy Of: POPSUGAR 


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