Nicki Minaj’s Chanel Game Is Fierce




If ever you’ve heard rapper Nicki Minaj deliver one of her biting, rapid-fire flows or whip-smart political rants, then you know that the outspoken Trinidad native has the strongest of wills. After all, as the best-selling female rapper of all time, she’s had to overcome long odds to climb her way to the top of the boys’ club that is hip-hop. Minaj may be tough, but she does have one weakness. As the Pink Friday MC and birthday girl confessed on her monster 2014 hit, “Feeling Myself,” she cannot resist a Chanel bag.


Over the years, Minaj has accumulated a staggering array of quilted handbags. While she’s never revealed the total, the extent of her appetite was suggested by a 2015 Instagram post that showed Minaj surrounded by a bevy of overflowing Chanel shopping bags. In fact, Instagram is where she often displays her latest addition. From the kaleidoscopic Boy bag she sported in Atlanta this weekend to the ladylike pillbox she held onto as she boarded her private plane to the chain-linked tote she sported with a bright red wig, Minaj is hardly seen without one of her pricey purses. And who can blame her? Unabashedly feminine and luxurious, the Chanel bags are the perfect accessory for this self-described “Black Barbie.”





Above, a look Minaj’s best Chanel bag moments.

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