The Iconic Leopard Print


You can always count on the leopard print to make its way into your closet come fall time. It’s one of the staples that you can’t be without after all the crazy colorful summer colors, prints and patterns. If you’re looking for something less bold, less bright and less loud but don’t want to do a full on solid colored outfit, leopard print is definitely your best bet. The colors on these are dark, warm and earthy so they aren’t a far cry from what’s already in your fall closet plus it makes it easier for you to mix and match them with what you already have as well. Check out these sassy ways to wear the leopard print.

  • Leopard print pants – take your pants game up a notch and ditch your usual pair of jeans for a pair of fun leopard print pants. These are perfect for when you want to wear nothing fancy on top (like a plain shirt or sweater) but don’t want your outfit to get boring or anything. It’s also perfect for adding just the right amount of sassiness to your look.

  • Leopard print and denim – now, if you’re the kind who lives and breathes denim, that’s fine too. Leopard print and denim go together very well. If a leopard top is all you got, pair it up with some denim jeans to get a cool and casual look. If leopard pants are your thing, you can go ahead and pair it up with a denim jacket or a chambray shirt for an easy and chic ensemble.

  • Leopard and leather – looking for a fashion combo to help you achieve that femme fatale look? How about pairing up leather and leopard prints? It’s fierce, it’s chic and it’s definitely one of the sexiest combos that you can pull off without showing a lot of skin.

  • Leopard print jumpsuit – if you’re looking for an easy and classy way to wear the leopard print from head to toe, one of the best ways to go is to wear a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are perfect for lazy days. Just slip into them and into your favorite pair of shoes and you’re good to go. If you’re looking for a fabulous lazy day go-to outfit, make sure you have a leopard print jumpsuit on hand in your closet, ready at any time.

  • Leopard print accent – now, if you’re not the kind to wear print in large portions, you can still wear leopard print and make it a part of your outfit by wearing pieces that have a leopard accent / trim to them. You can also wear leopard print on your accessories, just to get the print in on your look.



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