House Of Wynter: Inside Meghan M.’s Toronto Home


Meghan Markle’s name has been everywhere lately thanks to her budding romance with Prince Harry, but she’s so much more than just a royal girlfriend. Yes, she is a leading lady “Suits,” but when she’s not visiting Harry in London or filming the TV show, she’s heading up The Tig, a lifestyle brand dedicated to her love of travel, food, fashion and beauty — and, dare we hope someday, of living the princess life.


If her passions and relationship is any indication, she must have good taste. So naturally, we were curious what her home looked like, and unsurprisingly, the Toronto-based actress doesn’t disappoint. A quick scan of her active Instagram feed affords a few glimpses.


If you were lucky enough to be invited over, looks like you’d probably be greeted by one of her adorable dogs — not a bad start. In fact, they seem to feel right at home in every room in her house. Behind that wagging tail are mid-century modern furnishings, a mostly white palette with pops of colors and what seems like an endless supply of cozy materials (we see you sheepskin throws).

The marble dining room table fits with her love of white, but adds a hint of texture to keep the piece from blending in too much. Meanwhile, fresh peonies add another moment of fun color.

Next to her dining room table is a white sectional that offers plenty of room for two (ahem, Harry) and her dogs to snuggle. A neutral throw breaks up the all-white piece and offers a bit of protection from dirty paws, or warming up a chilly Brit.


And not surprisingly, her bedroom and guest bedroom look like they stick with her white-on-white style, including the bedding, the drapes and the wall art. But we have to imagine after spending long hours on set or running from the paparazzi, a blank slate is exactly what she needs to unwind and prepare for the next day’s adventure.

Source: House Beautiful

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