Wynter Royals: Meghan Markle Has Been Accepted


Barriers fall every day. Mr. Gorbachev once tore down a wall. Half a century ago, a man and his plane broke the sound barrier. Just last year, a reality star overcame a remarkably large gulf of inexperience to become president of the United States.

Prince Harry took his girlfriend Meghan Markle on a tour of the Natural History Museum.
Photo: © Getty Images

Despite these strides, or whatever you want to call them, some barriers can seem so insurmountable. Like British royal protocol, for example. When one is thrust into it, as Megan Markle has been in the months that she and Prince Harry have been dating, how does one deal? Climb the wall brick-by-brick with the help of royal aids, in-laws, and reportedly unfettered access to Kensington Palace, it would seem.

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The current Suits star and former Tig editor-in-chief has tapped a few critical resources for navigating the ups and downs, bows and scrapes of royal protocol, according to a report from Us Weekly. Both Prince Harry’s private secretary, Edward Lane Fox, and communications secretary, Jason Knauf, are said to have been invaluable—“a godsend”—to the actress, according to an anonymous source. Kate Middleton and Prince William, too, reportedly help her out, especially when it comes to dealing with the attention. “She’s very much been accepted into the family. They are so happy to see Harry happy,” the source told Us.

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Perhaps the best signal that Markle has broached acceptance with the highly regulated family, though, is not the letter from Kensington Palace written on her behalf, nor the reported invite to Pippa Middleton’s wedding reception (her presence at the ceremony, however, requires an engagement ring). It‘s the fact that she “is waved right through” the gates at Kensington Palace rather than the usual method, which reportedly involves multiple forms of identification and an invitation from a member of the household living there. It sounds like a whole to-do. “Harry has made it clear she’s to be treated like everyone else who lives there,” said the source. The only people who live there are, well, royal. Will she soon be royal, too?

Next thing you know she’ll be permitted to pet a corgi (surely a post-engagement perk, if at all).

Some Content Source Courtesy Of: Vanity Fair and Pinterest


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