House Of Wynter: Olivia Palermo At Home

This weekend, Olivia Palermo wed her longtime boyfriend, model Johannes Huebl, in Bedford, New York. While the fashion set is in a tizzy about the surprise elements (who knew an international street style star could keep the whole affair so understated? And the SHORTS!) we feel we had a slight hint to the nuptials, thanks to a peek at a living room Palermo recently designed for Shutterfly.

Andrew Toth / Getty Andrew Toth for Getty Images

Not only did the warm design suggest potential nesting instincts, but the tips she shared all revolve around creating a cozy, happy, and (of course!) stylish home for two.

Check out a few photos of the room along with her tips:

• “Bring both of your personalities into the home with coffee table books,” says Palermo. “Choose books that represent your interests, travels and passions.” She also recommends creating personal photo books on Shutterfly with snapshots from special moments. (We’re guessing she has one coming up with those wedding photos!)

• “Strategically place candles in the living room, bedrooms and bathrooms for a cozy feel,” she advises, calling out orange blossom and jasmine as favorite—and not too feminine—scents.

• “Decorate shelves, tables and other surfaces with unique objects that you’ve collected over the years,” says Palermo, who also echos a popular design sentiment: “If you like it, it works!”

Courtesy of Shutterfly

Courtesy of Shutterfly


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