Carine Roitfeld: My Street Style Zodiac Match


Hearing the phrase “what’s your sign?” tends to send shivers down our spines (you know why), but when it’s in the name of fashion, there’s nothing to be afraid of. You may not know it yet, but your obsession for feminine frocks or tailored blazers may be totally out of your control.


Your Style: Focused, polished, and streamlined. You have a look, and you stick to it. But that doesn’t mean you’re boring — you always manage to add an edginess. Your Street Style Match — Carine Roitfeld: The former editor in chief of Vogue Paris has a style that’s all her own. It’s refined but edgy. Think lots of black and leather — plus, she never leaves home without a killer heel.


Introducing Dame Anna Wintour


As one of the biggest names in fashion, Anna Wintour is already fashion royalty, but Buckingham Palace has made it official. The Queen of England made British-born Wintour a dame this week, making her the literal definition of fashion royalty.Wintour was honored because of her services to fashion and journalism.

 For the special occasion, Wintour wore a pink Chanel outfit (of course) with her trademark dark sunglasses. While her look was expectedly chic, the Chanel clothes did cause a few problems when it came time for the ceremonial pinning. A small fashion snafu took place when the Queen had trouble pinning the insignia to Wintour’s outfit.

“She couldn’t find where to put the brooch,” said Wintour to the BBC. Despite the minor hiccup, the ceremony went according to plan, so from now on, that’s Dame Anna Wintour to you.

Take a look at Anna Wintour’s new insignia and Chanel outfit in an Instagram from her daughter Bee Shaffer.

Some content courtesy of: WhoWhatWear, Pinterest, Getty Images