Wynter Society: Swans x Bachelors Party

The Gramercy Park Hotel’s Rose Bar is always buzzing with a particularly stylish crowd. But on Wednesday night the guest list was, as we like to say, #verytandc. Under 30 socials with bold faced last names (whom we affectionately refer to as “Swans”) like Gaia Matisse, Clara McGregor, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, and Violetta Komyshan and…

Southern Charm: Savannah Debuts

The hit Bravo reality show Southern Charm is heading even farther south tonight with the premiere of its first-ever spinoff series, Southern Charm Savannah. Those who love the original—which takes place in Charleston, South Carolina—will find Savannahequally addicting, thanks to the proven Bravo formula: manufactured drama, larger-than-life personalities, and (of course) a lot of alcohol….