Wynter How To: Style Your Hermes Scarves

About Hermes Scarves

Hermes scarves were first introduced in the late 1930s. Fine Chinese silk was used to produce these scarves, and the process of transforming the silk into yarn and weaving each scarf was a meticulous one. Even today, designers working for Hermes carefully choose the patterns and colors that are featured in these scarves. Hermes still used silk to produce the accessories, and it is estimated that the silk in one Hermes scarf is sourced from 250 different mulberry moths. Modern Hermes scarves feature a blend of silk and cashmere. The hems on these accessories are carefully stitched by hand.

Wearing Hermes Scarves

There is more than one way to wear a Hermes scarf, and getting the right look really depends on the wearer’s current outfit and style choice. Here are five option that give wearers some variety to choose from when adding one of the luxurious scarves to their outfit.


Men and women alike can create a stylish look by wearing an Hermes scarf in an ascot style. Fold the scarf in half and half again. The scarf can then be draped

Accessories often make the outfit, and Hermes scarves are some of the most luxurious fashion accessories available. While these scarves can be used functionally like any other scarf, the high fashion look can be an addition that does not have to be used for warmth. Hermes scarves offer plenty of different style options, and the wearer just needs to find some ideas to get inspired.

 across the back of the neck and tied in the front in an ascot style. Leave short tails when tying the knot of the ascot.


Making a bow with an Hermes scarf requires two scarves to folded in half and tied together at the ends. The scarf is now long enough to be draped across the back of the neck and tied in the front to produce a large bow. Make sure that the bow is off center to avoid making it look like a bow tie.

Shoulder Wrap

Using a Hermes scarf as a shoulder wrap is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of elegance to an outfit. Simply fold the scarf in half diagonally and drape it over the shoulders.

Head Cover

Whether an Hermes scarf is folded and used as a head band or left open and tied around the head like a bandanna, wearing a scarf on the head is a fashionable way to keep hair under control while spending time outdoors or driving with the top down. A scarf can even be wrapped around a ponytail to create a unique hair accessory.


Two Hermes scarves that are folded in half and tied at the ends can serve as an alternative to the typical belt. Simply pull one end of the scarf through the belt loops and tie at the waist. If there are no belt loops, the scarves can be tied at the waist to complement the natural curves of the wearer.

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