Posh Takes Jeans To Chic Style

Victoria Beckham’s closet is full of polished midi skirts and trousers—many of which she designed for her eponymous brand—but she also has a knack for making casual pieces look just as chic. Case in point: the perfect new outfit she wore for a day of shopping with her family. (Since we won’t be able to see any more Spice Girls reunion looks from Beckham, her street style outfits will have to tide us over.)

The VB formula for wearing a white T-shirt and jeans is simple and super easy to re-create—but with stylish twists. For starters, choose an oversize crewneck tee that you can cuff at the sleeves. As for the accessories, a matching bag and shoes in a bright color are a failsafe bet. Last but not least, you can take a cue from Beckham and choose high-waisted jeans with an exaggerated cuff at the hem for a cool alternative to skinny jeans. Scroll down to see her new outfit and shop it for yourself.

Opening image: Getty Images

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